Under no circumstance can 100% efficiency be attained by any computer system. This is why it is important to run system checks on machines from time to time to prevent future breakdowns and loses. We also create your neworks: LANs, WANs, Infrastructure, Wireless Systems professionally with our specialised team.

System Networking

Troy provides you an Enterprise computing involving the use of Computers in networks, such as LANs and WANs, or a series of interconnected network peripherals that encompass a variety of different operating Systems, protocols, and network architectures, to set up a full network for your organization for easy file transfer and safety. The emerging information and knowledge age and the new technological evolution are heralding a new economic and social order characterized by the deployment and exploitation of IT within all spheres of human endeavor.

The socio-economic environment is rapidly changing on global scale. Information Technologies (IT) is now acknowledged globally as agents of change especially within the public sector to enhance the service delivery to the populace.

Our working experience has given us the opportunity to tackle every networking problem:

Secure Service

Our main objective is to provide secure administrative computing service. We design the network to be functionally and physically isolated from access by the public to minimize the risk of unauthorized use.

Integration and Update

We create a WAN that integrates and updates these LANs to support productive collaboration across the system. Versatile Information Processing: we create a network that will enable users to retrieve, process, and store text, graphics, audio, and video from any connected computer.


we create a network that will combine the power and capabilities of diverse equipment across the state to provide a collaborative medium that helps users combine their skills regardless of their physical location. A network for that will enable people to share information and ideas easily so they can work more efficiently and productively.

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System Maintenance

In order to achieve our objective of protecting investments in IT in your organization through well planned and execution of corrective and preventive maintenance, TROY Technology intend to start work within two (2) weeks after signing of contract.

We shall have a first meeting with your organization to get to know how staff use their computers and peripherals, and provide technical advice and guidelines on equipment if needed. After this, we shall deploy our highly SKILLED staff to come over to your premises and carry out the cleaning (servicing) of computers and peripherals. This cleaning of IT equipment will be done once every month.

To ensure that clients get the support they need for the IT equipment to work all the time, we shall provide support within 24 hours of contacting us- by phone, email or any other means. During the period of servicing the equipment, however, those that have technical problems will be fixed immediately.

When there is the need to replace a part of any IT equipment, your office will be informed and on your approval, this will be purchased. One week after every general servicing, TROY technologies shall provide you with status report on all the equipment in your organization. The report shall also contain recommendations on what needs to be done.

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