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…a company that stands for what it believes in, which is making the impossible possible within the scope of technology.

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We are dedicated to making your work much more easy and ensuring consistent efficiency, bringing your ideas to life through quality, creative designs and software, networking your computers and providing top-notch solution for all your technology related issues. We develop your softwares and websites based solely on what our customers want.Our well trainned personnel are patient enough to walk our cherished clients through all our procedures and are open to all questions troubling the clients mind.

Consisting of a team of young, talented and action driven professionals, we guarantee you an amazing experience working with us. Our highly skilled personnel are specilised in mordern technologies that is the driving force behind all these great inventions in recent times. Efficiency is a hall mark and our level of excellent delivery cannot be matched with that of any other entity.


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(233) 20-335-3010

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Troy Technology Ghana Limited
10Th Barbara Street Community 17,
Lashibi Old Standard, Tema,
Greater Accra - Ghana

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The best part of life is not just serving, but thriving with passion, style, compassion, generosity and doing great works.